MiTwell provides our clients Comprehensive Services:
Value Added Services (Tooling and Production of Mechanical Parts)
And Refined Services (Integration of M/B, System, Panel, etc.)

 Our main services include

  • Fast sample of mechanical &System products.
  • Design, development, validation and mast production of mechanical products.
  • Stable quality, which is assured by OEM clients' strict audits .
  • Enable more production with geographical advantages among outsourcing suppliers.
  • Well control on the product quality and good R&D capacity, which make clients confident in.
  • Lead-free Production and Compliance with Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive.
  • Mode making with 3D printer and shorten sample stage.
  • Leveraging MRP and MES on production lines to enhance the quality of products and productivity.
  • Focus on quality, lead time, cost, flexibility and speed for manufacture services.
  • Aimed to automate our production lines.

MiTwell has been enhancing and improving our ability in product design & development and integration & manufacture. Also, we have been leveraging more and more automated production equipment and aimed to provide the most state- of- the- art, added- valued, high- quality service to satisfy our clients.