Military Defense

 Target Application in Defense

Command, Communications, Computers and Intelligence Applications

Our mission is to provide the high computing performance and rugged design computer products with the most reliable solution and high quality to the global customers from X86 single board computers through to embedded system integration or RISC solution. After several years cultivating in the vertical market of military sector and through the tenders participation experiences we had, our products have been used for related defense applications.

From the customized FPGA products, with the range from Radio Frequency Digital Signal Process Board to Digital Signal Acquisition and Digital Process module, which receive the radio frequency then transfer to HMI interface that deploys on the active phased array radar or ground radar systems.

We also have the launching process control boards with module platform for command and control operation on the missile system, As to UAV application (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), concerning to the limitation on the size and weight, we have implemented experiences on the customized sensor FMC module (FPGA mezzanine card) with AD/DA function based on the previous contract project.

Furthermore, we have several selections of display in military grade and 10.4” multi-functional display. Those are mainly design for land-based vehicle, warship, and marine application. Around 90% of the mentioned cases are FPGA customization and project based, MiTwell is flexible and to meet the growing worldwide demands for embedded computing system in defense applications.

 Defense division

Inherited from our mother company, Portwell., Inc. for yearly experiences in the Industry PC and being a long term active partner for Taiwan government and global defense solution providers, MiTwell defense solution division not only dedicate to developing the most innovative high-tech, but also provide a wide range of reconfigurable COTS products on research and development, design and validation test & verification service.

We offer OEM/ODM services with the most flexible customization and provide the system integration within the defense, Aerospace and maritime environment. Each solution is designed to meet each mission critical requirement and provide the long-term lifecycle support.

 5 features

  • Reliable customized services and rugged design orientation

    • MiTwell provides the mission-critical rugged embedded computing systems that subject to the different demands from customers, and it is requested to follow MiTwell's military deployment of the design guide from the component-selection, high levels of shock & vibration test should perform well on the extremes of temperature and environment, extensive voltage, fanless-design, the longevity of supply of military programs as well as to the conformal coating.

  • Delivering and developing cutting-edge FPGA capability solutions

    • The increasing demand for embedded computing system to numerous HPC (high performance computing) market areas (such as Big Data, Data Center, Gene Sequencing, machine-learning and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance- ISR applications) is driving the rapid development on FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) requirement lately. Through the closer partnership with Intel-Altera, Xilinx and being associated member with Intel, MiTwell position ourselves to provide the most innovation products and reconfigurable hardware platform-solutions.

  • Committed to customer satisfaction with flexible system integration ability

    • Mitwell could modify the existing full range of COTS industrial computing solutions or provide versatile customer solutions. We are continuously innovating in several standard form factors (including CPCI, VPX and FMC) and provide the needs on optimal size, weight and power (SWAP), hight bandwidth to bring the best embedded and rugged solutions. In terms of our services, we could also do outsourcing, and run configurability and flexibility validation test for system integration to meet the requirement in harsh environment. The certificate experiences that we have been done are MIL-STD- 461 , MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-1553, IP65 and so on.

  • Long-Term cultivation in Military sector

    • We have become the approved vendor for NCSIST and be ranked as Top 3 Authorized Vendors in 2016. Also, set up a business office in the area facility of WiCE w48 that near around NCSIST to implement the real time on-site support. In the meanwhile, our engineers are expertly assigned to train and get the certificate of completions for PCB solder paste (ESRD serial no. of 0146 and no. 0071) so we could collaborate with certain national projects as a prime contractors and SI competing.

  • 100% MIT with Global service coverage

    • Beside sharing production with our mother company, Portwell.,Inc, we also have our own assembly production. All of our factories are with SMT lines, PCB assembly and functional testing as well as the In house validation lab, which are all located in Taiwan to ensure the good quality with ISO 14001, 28000, 9001 and RoHS compliance.


In 2nd half of 2016, MiTwell was chosen to be Intel/Altera’s 3rd official partner as FPGA DSN (DesignSolution Network) member in Taiwan.
We're the 1st industrial company to have such honor.